Are these domains unstoppable? – DNW Podcast #292 – Domain Name Wire

Sometimes it helps to hear from real users and case experiences. Uply Media, Inc is having REAL success with .Crypto and building Blockchain Websites that sit on top of a smart contract. Such as .Crypto on Ethereum and .Zil on Zilliqa.

Uply Media, Inc has received offers in the millions for developed Blockchain Websites running on both .Crypto and .Zil extensions! The company is not ready to cash-in because many of the projects have the potential to be Billion dollar Brands.

The key significance should be on branding individual Blockchain Websites and essentially this is what will make any Blockchain Domain (or ANY project) truly unstoppable in a nutshell.

Uply Media’s CEO Kyle Ransom is the author of a very popular book about Blockchain Domains investing. The book is ranked among best Crypto eBook 2020 reads, but it’s also ranked on BookAuthority’s Holy Grail of categories by lists for All Time best!

Coming in at no. 44 for 48 Best Cryptocurrency Investing Books of All Time and no. 60 for 67 Best Digital Currency Books of All Time!!

As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc — BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings, and sentiment.

Q & A With Kyle Ransom — Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets Uncensored

Live Blockchain Domains – Developed By Uply Media:

Uply Media, Inc Launches First Black-Owned DEX Blockchain Crypto Exchange

How Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner Inspired Billion-Dollar Blockchain Domains

Uply Media, Inc Launches World’s First DWeb Mortgage Calculator

Visit Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Marketplace:

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