Newer domain investors find success – DNW Podcast #321 – Domain Name Wire

Listen to three newer domain investors talk about their strategies, tools, and approach.

Image that says DWN Podcsat #321 with headshots of Joshua Schoen, Doron Vermaat, and Josh Reason with the words "Newer domain investors find success"

They say “all of the good domains are taken” and many people think that if you didn’t get into domain investing early, it’s too late. But last week, I hosted a panel on behalf of the Internet Commerce Association that proves it’s not too late. I interviewed three relative new-comers to domain investing: Doron Vermaat, Joshua Schoen, and Josh Reason. On today’s show, I’m providing an abbreviated recording of the panel. You’ll learn how these three got into domain investing, some “secret” tools they use for investing, and get inspired to make your mark. If you want to watch the full session (and others like this), you need to join ICA.

Also: Facebook UDRP, strong domain sales, Parler and more.


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