The “new” NamesCon and Cloudfest – DNW Podcast #332 – Domain Name Wire

A look at the future of these two conferences under new ownership.

Headshot image of Christian Jaeger, CEO of WHD Event Global and NamesCon, with the words "The new Namescon and Cloudfest with Christian Jaeger and Soeren von Varchmin"

NamesCon and Cloudfest are under new ownership. On this week’s show, I talk with Christian Jaeger, CEO of the new owner WHD Event GmbH, and Soeren von Varchmin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. We discuss the history of the events, who now owns the company, and what’s next now that the conferences have been spun out of a large corporation’s control. It has me excited to attend my next in-person event!

Tool of the week:

Also: Big court ruling, three RDNHs, top domain sales and more.


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