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Best AMP Plugins for WordPress « Acme Themes Blog

Have you been hearing a lot of buzz about AMP?

Well, AMP has been quite a hot topic these days. So, here I am with the top five best AMP Plugins for WordPress websites.

Before that, let me make you clear about what AMP is and what it does to your site. Does it benefit you? If so, in what way?

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a project backed by Google to speed up the mobile web. AMP version of the websites load faster in mobile devices which results in increased user experience, increase website ranking, faster loading even on slow internet, and so on. Simply put, AMP offers the lightweight version of your website that loads faster.

Well, that sounds impressive! But, how does it do it?

Accelerated Mobiles Pages (AMP) control the number of javascript and CSS files that are used on posts or pages of your website. Contrary to regular pages, AMP pages are automatically cached by Google AMP cache which results in faster loading times on Google search.

Now, let’s look at some of the best free AMP WordPress Plugins with which you can create an AMP version of your site that will load faster in mobile devices.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages


AMP for WP is one of the most popular AMP free WordPress plugins with over 100,000+ active installations. It is designed in a way that your site loads super fast and also engages your users. It supports homepage, posts, pages, custom post types, search, and archives. It has its built-in auto AMP Page Validator.

The plugin has six pre-defined ad slots so that you can easily monetize your blog or website with advertisements. With those native AMP Ads slots, the plugin will ensure that the ads will be shown in the most visible spots.

The plugin is SEO-optimized and it is fully compatible with SEO plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack. It has Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, Rank Math, SEOPress integration in it.

AMP for WP has a powerful settings panel that gives you full control over all the elements of your AMP site.

The plugin has several pre-made designs in the free version and a few of them are kept in the premium version, The plugin is page builder compatible too.



AMP is the official plugin for displaying AMP content on WordPress websites. This free AMP WordPress plugin has over 500,000 active installations and it is undeniably the most popular WordPress plugin at the present.

The plugin automates the AMP-valid markup, provides validation tools and does so many works itself. So, you can have a well-secured, super-fast, and engaging website in the AMP version.

The plugin has three template modes – standard, transitional, and reader mode. So, you can choose the template mode that suits your website. Another impressive feature of the AMP plugin is that it supports the AMP Pages serving so that you can take full advantage of features like AMP-AMP linking and mobile redirection.

AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress


AMP WP – Google AMP for WordPress is a free WordPress AMP plugin that is quite new in the market. Yet, it has already proven to be the one that will be loved by thousands of blog and website owners.

It has a powerful AMP WP Settings Panel and an AMP WP Options Panel that lets you control and customize the AMP version of your website. It supports sidebar, slider, related posts, classic/list view layout, and so on.

The plugin claims to load sites 5x faster in mobile devices.

Better AMP – WordPress Complete AMP


Better AMP is a WordPress plugin that is quite new. It is one of the fastest AMP plugins at the present. It offers a fully-functional AMP interface for your WordPress site’s pages, posts, tags, search bar, category menus, and so on.

The plugin has a demo customizer which can be quite useful to test. With its demo customizer, one can easily test his/h3er customized AMP landing page and overall structure before making the site live.  It also does your mobile page integration which is an impressive feature of Better AMP.

Overall, this is a great plugin that lets you build a clean and easy-on-the-eye AMP website easily. It is well-suited for both beginners and advanced users.

AMP on WordPress: weeblrAMP CE


WeeblrAMP is a free WordPress plugin that is something more than just a standard AMP plugin. With this plugin, you can create an AMP version of your website; it lets you create AMP posts, pages, tags, categories, and archive pages on your site.

This AMP plugin integrates seamlessly with so many plugins including Google Analytics, Disqus, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Jetpack, Yoast SEO, Elementor, and more.

The plugin is fully customizable and it lets you override its templates as well.

Final Words

There are only a few AMP plugins that people trust and these are the best ones. Choose any one of these and you are set to go.

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5+ Best Free Food Blog WordPress Themes 2020

Food blogging is a competitive field. If you want to share your culinary talents with the world, you’ll need a visually-appealing website that will entice your readers. However, free food blog WordPress themes that provide everything you want can be hard to come by.

The good news is that, unless you require advanced functionality, there are some solid free themes that can adapt to a variety of niches in the food industry. Whether you’re an aspiring cook, food enthusiast, or serious blogger, we have several options that should satisfy all taste buds. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best food blog themes that are elegant, responsive, optimized for search engines, and free. Let’s go!

The Foodica Lite theme.

Whether you’re new to food blogging or are already a seasoned writer, you’ll want a clean canvas for your content to shine. That’s where Foodica Lite comes in — a simple yet beautifully-designed theme to help your recipes stand out.

Foodica Lite will enable you to create beautiful recipes using custom blocks, which you can easily adjust using the familiar WordPress editor. The stylish fonts and smart use of white space will make your blog a pleasure to read, and the featured slider can draw attention to your latest posts.

With a simple but effective layout like this, you’ll have plenty of room to display your culinary creations. The theme is also fully responsive and retina-ready, which is handy for readers who like to follow recipes from their mobile devices.

All in all, Foodica Lite is an excellent choice for any stylish, no-frills food blog.

More Info / Download Demo

The Kale theme.

As a prolific food blogger, you want to organize your content well so that your recipes are easy to find. Enter Kale — a food blog theme that’s free from clutter and very flexible.

This theme charms with its minimalist aesthetic, but don’t let that first impression deceive you. Kale comes packed with features that will help you display your content in various ways. You can choose to highlight a post, display a banner, or entice readers with a slider. You can also pick from multi-level menus, blog feed layouts, color overlay options, and more. 

For social media savvy users, Kale enables you to feature responsive YouTube videos and built-in menus to display your social media presence. You can also set up a home page to showcase your services or portfolio, which makes this a suitable theme for a small, food-related company.

Overall, Kale is clutter-free yet powerful enough to support a growing food blog or business. Whether you want to share recipes as a hobby or establish a professional presence, this theme should be able to accommodate both.

More Info / Download Demo

The Blossom Recipe theme.

Recipe blogs differ from most other forms of online writing. Their primary goal is to attract food enthusiasts and aspiring cooks. Fortunately, the free Blossom Recipe food blog theme can help you achieve just that.

You can use the built-in live customizer to set up your website without touching a line of code. You can also choose from various useful widgets to personalize your blog with key elements such as custom categories, calls to action, social media feeds, and more.

Your recipes will be easy to follow, thanks to the step-by-step cooking instructions that the user can check off when each action is completed. You can also enter ingredients and various cooking details as separate sections, which will make the final product easier for your visitors to read.

If you’re looking for an interactive theme to help you share your talents with the world, Blossom Recipe comes highly recommended. Its mobile-friendly design and easy print options will help you reach out to your audience — both online and offline.

More Info / Download Demo

The Elara theme.

If you like to feature a large variety of recipes, it’s crucial to pick a clean theme that can keep your content tidy. If that’s your concern, then Elara might be a perfect choice.

Although its design is simple, this theme comes with several key customization features that are easy to set up. You can pick from multiple sidebar options, feature specific categories, or include a banner or post slider at the top of the page. You can also choose to hide these features entirely if you prefer a minimalistic and streamlined look.

Elara also comes with several widgets for displaying your social media icons, and you’ll be able to engage your followers with an embedded Instagram feed. You can also use one of the two supported contact form plugins, Contact Form 7 or WP Forms Lite, to create effective forms for collecting data and helping visitors get in touch.

Overall, this theme is simple yet stylish enough to appeal to many food bloggers. If you want an accessible solution that’s well-coded and supported by an experienced team of developers, Elara might be the theme for you.

More Info / Download Demo

The Julia Lite theme.

Most food blog themes focus on recipes, which can become a bit repetitive. If you prefer to review restaurants or write about food-related travel destinations, you might want a theme like Julia Lite, which puts your stories at the forefront. 

This free food blogging theme is reminiscent of a magazine. Its use of bold typography and standout images will help you create a unique experience and share your passion in a striking way. You can also keep track of all your content with an indexing system, which visitors can browse by category, course, season, and more.

If you want full control over your website, you can also opt for the premium version. It enables you to customize various elements of your theme with a style manager and edit your home page with a drag-and-drop builder. To turn your passion into a profession, you can also monetize your blog by placing ads on it.

While the free version of this theme doesn’t offer many customization options, it’s still incredibly stylish. For that reason alone, Julia Lite is a worthy contender to consider when choosing your food blog WordPress theme.

More Info / Download Demo

The Receptar theme.

If you specialize in recipes, it can be hard to make your website stand out from the competition. Many food blog themes follow the same cookie-cutter structure. That’s where Receptar can make a big difference.

Receptar is bold and modern, with an emphasis on striking typography and vibrant images. Thanks to its split-screen design, your visitors will be able to scroll through your recipes as if they were browsing a cookbook. The theme is highly responsive, too, so your content will look just right on all kinds of devices.

It’s also worth noting that Receptar comes with the powerful Beaver Builder plugin, which enables you to compose your site using drag-and-drop functionality. You’ll also be able to customize various elements, include a front-page slideshow, and connect with your audience through a prominent social media menu.

Overall, if you’re looking for a bold and unique food blog theme, Receptor comes highly recommended. Its striking, book-like design should leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

More Info / Download Demo

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Creating the Perfect Logo for Your WordPress Site « Acme Themes Blog

WordPress is the most popular CMS today and it’s used by many top brands such as Sony Music and BBC America. If you are also building a website on WordPress, you can make your website stand out with premium WordPress themes and other design elements. However, to create the best WordPress Site that’s also attractive and memorable, you need a creative website logo.

To create an attractive WordPress logo for your website, keep the following in mind:

The Design Work

There are different ways to create a WordPress logo. You can approach a professional graphics designer in your area to create the WordPress logo if you have a good budget. If your budget is tight, then you can find a freelancer logo designer online. However, the recommended method for creating a WordPress logo on if you don’t have the cash to splash is to use a logo Maker.

A Logo Maker is an advanced software or online application that you can use to create your logo. Logo Makers are usually easy to use and can generate truly unique and premium logo designs in a matter of minutes.

There are mainly three kinds of logos:

Icon-based: Icon-based logos, as the name suggests, are logos that use a unique icon. Apple and Nike are two examples of brands that use this kind of logo.

Wordmark: These logos use the brand name in the design as the main element. To make the logo attractive with the brand name alone, brands usually use attractive fonts. Examples include Coca-Cola, Visa, and Google.

Combination Mark: Combination mark logos are most popular and make for more than 75% logos available today. These logos contain both brand name and icon. They are also recommended for WordPress websites as they can be modified and customized to fit different locations of your website such as the home page, blog images, contact us form, etc.

Logo Basics

A logo, whether it’s used on a product or WordPress website, must follow certain principles. These are:
 Timelessness: Your WordPress logo should be able to age well. It means that your logo should look attractive and relevant not just today but also after a few months, and then after a few years, and so on.

 Originality: When creating a WordPress logo, most people refer to other popular WordPress websites to get ideas for their own design. This is a smart approach. However, it’s important that you study other designs merely for inspiration. You shouldn’t mimic other logos and keep your logo 100% original.

 Legibility: The brand name on the logo should be easy to read. So, you should use a font that’s attractive but not too complex either.

 Simplicity: Brands know the importance of simplicity and they reap the rewards too. This concept also applies to graphics design, including the logo design. The principle is simple- a simple logo is easy to remember and replicate. A simple logo also allows for clear and succinct messaging.


Logo Colors

Colors play a huge role in logo design. However, you should not pick colors based on your personal preferences. The colors in your logo should be picked from the color palette of your WordPress theme only. For instance, if your WordPress theme uses colors green, red, and white, then you can create a logo that uses green-red or green-white or white-red. Following your website’s color palette in all design elements across all channels is important for brand consistency. If you’re not sure a color scheme generator can help you find the perfect pallet.

Bottom Line

A WordPress website is incomplete without a premium and attractive logo. So, hire a logo designer or design the logo yourself, but create a good logo for sure. If you want to show your WordPress website visitors that you care about
your website, give your best shot to the logo design. Good luck!

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