Two-fifths of Plants and Fungi At Risk of Extinction

According to the State of the World’s Plant and Fungi 2020 report, 39.4% (140,000 species) or roughly two-fifths of plants and fungi are at risk for extinction. That’s up 21% when compared to the same report just four years ago.

What may even be more alarming is that 723 plants that have applications in medicine are at risk. And considering discoveries are made every year, it’s very likely that more plants that have life-saving properties may become extinct.

One thing is clear, humanity needs to act fast before these species disappear forever.

What’s the Cause?

Climate Change

As you might have already guessed, the report has found that climate change plays a key role in their demise.

As temperatures rise around the world, some plants simply cannot cope with the changes. However, the temperature increase has lead to other problems.

Most notably is that droughts are much more likely. As I’m sure you know, plants need water to survive, just like humans, and the droughts are hitting some regions much harder than others. And a very dangerous effect of droughts is drying out plants.

Forest fires have become a serious problem in the last decade, and droughts are just making them that much easier to start.

We Must Diversify Our Plants and Fungi Usage

One of the biggest points highlighted by the report is how concentrated our plant and fungi usage is. While there are over 7,000 edible plants we could use to feed the growing population, we still only use a select few to do it.

The same applies when looking at other fields like medicine and energy (biofuel).

Diversifying our plant and fungi usage will go a long way to ensuring that more plants are protected from extinction. It will also help improve our knowledge and techniques in the agricultural sector.

However, farms are unlikely to embrace new crops on their own.

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Psycho-acoustic Hierarchy | Teachers’ Tips | The Guitar Store

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8 Best Tax Software for 2021

Believe it or not, 2020 is going to end, and that means it’s almost tax season once again. And now more than ever, finding the best tax software for 2021 is crucial. Not only does this lower the cost of filing taxes, but it also prevents having to meet in person.

Over the years, tax software has improved dramatically to make filing taxes as simple as possible. At this point, just about anyone can input their information into any of the tax programs and get amazing results.

And even more importantly, it is much cheaper than hiring someone else to do your taxes. In 2020, the average price of traditional tax prep was $242, which is substantially higher than the software on this list will cost you.

What Is Tax Prep Software?

Tax software guides users through the filing process and can be used for state, federal, or corporate taxes. This software provides all of the necessary forms you will need in a step-by-step process while compiling information from multiple tax offices.

As a result, this software will get you a nearly identical result as hiring an actual accountant at a fraction of the price. And most importantly, just about anyone can go through the process without issue.

However, it is important to note that unlike filing with an accountant or tax firm, this software does not guarantee that you will not be audited. Luckily, the technology is getting better at detecting errors and some software even have an option for a real tax expert to take look.

Prices Change

Before you begin, it is important to point out that prices for tax software change throughout the year. Prices are at their highest right before the tax headline, so make sure to file early to save some money.

It is also worth mentioning that many of them have sales and deals that you should be on the lookout for. But most of them happen at the start of tax season, so make sure you act fast to get the best deal possible.

The Best Tax Software

1. Turbotax


When it comes to tax software, there is no bigger name than Turbotax. It is arguably the face of tax software, and that is because it works and it’s easy to understand. But don’t take my word for it, ask the 40 million customers they had in 2019.

That’s 40% of tax filing in the United States!

This service provides a variety of features that include a maximum tax refund guarantee, W-2 importing tools, hundreds of deductible tips, and much more. It’s most unique feature has to be the live-video support.

That’s right, if you get stuck, you can talk to a Turbotax specialist to help you get everything sorted out for a small fee. On top of this, there is even an option to have an expert check over your work to ensure there are no mistakes and point out deductibles you may have missed.

Benefits of Turbotax

  • Simple to use
  • Excellent knowledge base
  • Live-video support available
  • Audit protection
  • A variety of pricing plans

Pricing of Turbotax

  • Free Turbotax version available
  • Basic starting at $49.99
  • Home & Business starting at $119.99

2. H&R Block

H&R Block

You may be thinking of your local H&R Block, but they also have one of the best online tax filing systems available. If you have ever been to an H&R Block in person, you might notice they are typing your information into their own software.

And that’s exactly what this is, just minus the human interaction.

The software asks you questions in a logical order that makes going through your information a breeze. It has a host of features that include a variety of import tools for previous tax information, on-demand tech support, data security, and much more.

As you probably know, the company has a host of tax representatives at its disposal, you can take advantage of that by paying an additional fee to have them review your tax return. This is an excellent way to find out if your tax return has any errors or if you missed a tax break.

Benefits of H&R Block

  • Intuitive interface
  • Technical support available
  • Amazing import tools
  • Options for experts to review your taxes

Pricing of H&R Block

  • Free software available
  • Basic starting at $29.95
  • Premium & Business starting at $89.95

3. Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt

The Jackson Hewitt tax services have been around sine 1982, and it’s a name you can trust. You better believe they have an awesome tax program to file by yourself. It’s one of the easiest ones to use at quite an affordable price.

And that means everything to the average tax filer.

While the software has less informative tooltips and detailed explanations like the previous entries on this list, it is still an easy process. It has a host of features that include error checking, coverage for a variety of tax situations, a simple interface, and much more.

Where this program really shines is the free option. If you have a simple W-2 and make less than $100,000, your tax filing is free with the online software. And since it’s quite a basic filing, there’s not much room for error.

Benefits of Jackson Hewitt

  • Simple interface
  • Solid error-checking
  • Great interview system (determines the forms you need)

Pricing of Jackson Hewitt

  • Free for W-2 Filing
  • Delux starting at $49.99
  • Premier starting at $69.95

4. FreeTaxUSA


As the name FreeTaxUSA suggests, your taxes are free, at least on a federal level. You will still need to pay if you need to file state taxes, but for simple cases, this software is free to use. However, with that said, the state taxes are far cheaper than the competition.

Thus, no matter how you look at it, this is a great deal.

Of course, you are probably wondering how good could a service this cheap actually be, and I’m sure the results will surprise you.

Similar to most services on this list, it has a simple interface to input data, simple navigation, and most notably, it has the best phone access compared to many alternatives.

That’s right, I said mobile access and not an app. Unlike the other services that require an app, you can simply use your phone’s browser.  This means no waiting for a download or making room on your phone.

Instead, the design is simple and intuitive for mobile users.

Benefits of FreeTaxUSA

  • The best mobile access available
  • Great interface
  • Supports most tax forms

Pricing of FreeTaxUSA

  • All Federal taxes are free
  • State taxes only cost $14.99

5. TaxSlayer


While TaxSlayer started out as a tool for experts, it quickly branched out to help everyone prepare individual returns. It allows you to search for keywords or forms to make finding what you need a very quick process.

In fact, it has an awesome Quick File system that makes it one of the best online tax services.

This is especially helpful if you have a very simple tax situation such as a part-time job. Instead of having to spend a long time entering information, you could be done in a matter of minutes. And it could even be free to use.

However, if your tax situation is complicated, don’t worry, this software has you covered. It will allow you to access all of the forms you are going to need in a timely manner for a great price.

Benefits of TaxSlayer

  • Excellent knowledge base
  • Amazing search options (form and keyphrase support)
  • Quick file system to make life easy

Pricing of Taxslayer

  • Free option available for basic filing
  • Classic starts at $17
  • Premium starts at $37
  • Self Employed starts at $47

6. TaxAct


TaxAct is another exceptional piece of tax software you can take full advantage of this tax season. It has been around for nearly 30 years and that experience is really showing off in its program. It is mostly geared for W-2 filers but does support other forms as well.

And thanks to its TaxTutor Guidance knowledge base, you will get all of the info you need.

This feature explains what everything is for, why you need it, and even provides helpful advice to help you avoid common mistakes that can cause nightmares down the road. Thus, it makes the process easy regardless of your tax knowledge.

The software really shines at pointing out improvements you can make to get a better return.  It’s a great tool if you are looking for an inexpensive tax software that keeps you informed along the way.

Benefits of TaxAct

  • TaxTutor Guidance is an amazing feature
  • Great navigation options
  • The review process is thorough and helpful

Pricing of TaxAct

  • Free filing is available for simple W-2 filing
  • Deluxe+ starts at $54.95
  • Premier+ starts at $79.95
  • Self Employed+ starts at $109.95

7. Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax has been filing taxes for years, and their online software is an excellent choice if you have experience filing taxes. Unlike some of the others on this list, this tax software does not hold your hand, which means you need a certain amount of knowledge.

Thus, this isn’t intended for first-time filers.

One big change is that unlike other pieces of software on this list, you can decide what to fill out in any order. This can make it easy to get lost or even forget a piece of information. However, anything you forget will be pointed out by the excellent review process.

This software really does an excellent job of pointing out mistakes. This definitely begs the question why aren’t there more helpful tools and tips for visitors to take advantage of?

Benefits of Liberty Tax

  • Simple interface
  • Flexible navigation that experts can take advantage of
  • Responsive mobile design

Pricing of Liberty Tax

  • Basic starts at $44.95
  • Deluxe starts at $64.95
  • Premium starts at $89.95

8. Credit Karma

Credit Karma

Are you looking for a completely free filing option regardless of how complicated your tax return is? If so, then Credit Karma is the tax software of your dreams. It launched in 2016 but is quickly making a name for itself thanks to an excellent track record.

And most importantly, being 100% free in a sea of paid tax software.

You might be thinking, how good can a completely free tax service be? I bet you’ll be surprised by the result.

Credit Karma comes with all of the features you would expect including import tools for most major tax services, audit defense, an intuitive smart file system, and much more.

While most tax services do allow free filing for simple taxes, this one is for everyone. That’s right, even if you own a small business, work as a freelancer, or some other complicated tax situation, this software is still free for you.

Benefits or Credit Karma

  • Upload a photo of your W-2
  • Import tools from major tax services (Turbotax, H&R block, etc.)
  • Audit defense

Pricing of Credit Karma

Consider Hiring Someone for Complicated Returns

While tax software has come a long way over the years, there are limits to what it can do and the mistakes it can catch. If you have very complicated taxes, especially if you own a small business, hiring a professional to process your tax return is still the best option.

If you have not been audited, consider yourself lucky. It is an extremely annoying process that can give you nightmares for years to come.

Thus, spending extra to avoid common mistakes on complicated tax returns is still completely valid and highly recommended. Tax software excels at delivering a cheap and simple alternative for those with basic returns.

As a result, they don’t work for everyone.

Tax Software Is Awesome

Just a few decades ago, the idea of doing taxes yourself was insane. Finding all of the necessary forms and information you needed without an expert guiding you made it extremely difficult for the average worker to file themselves.

However, like most things, the rise of the internet has made filing electronically the most popular method. In fact, in 2019 89.24% of tax filing was done electronically. This means even if you are hiring someone, they are probably using tax programs to help.

Which one will you be using this tax season?

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منتجات شركة سيجما وبدائلها في الأسواق

منتجات شركة سيجما وبدائلها في الأسواق

نحن ننشر هنا منتجات شركة سيجما لصاحبها السيد البدوي، وننشر أيضا معها البدائل من شركات الأدوية الأخري، في إطار حملتنا لمقاطعة منتجات السيد البدوي، بعد إقاله إبراهيم عيسي وعمله علي إغتيال الصحافة الحرة والجرية، وذلك بعد إعتراف رضا إدوارد بنفسه، بأن سبب إقاله عيسي، هو كميةإنتقادته للنظام الحاكم.
الغرض من الحملة الموجهة ضد السيد البدوى هو فضح وكشف وتعرية كل من يرتدى رداء المعارضة ويعمل لمصلحة النظام .. وإذا كان السيد البدوى ورضا إداورد مش عاجبهم السياسة التحريرة للجورنال .. مكنوش اشتروا الجورنال من الأساس .. لانه معروف للعالم كله ان دى مدرسة الدستور .. ولا هما كانوا مش بيقروا جرايد

أدوية سيجما البدائل (من شركات مختلفة)
Aciloc Ranitak
ALVITAL Multi-vitol/
Balsam Guava/pentamix
Clindam Dalacin
CONGESTAL 123, //(اى دواء للبرد)
Gastroloc PEPZOL
Acnetin Acne free/retinA
gastrloc Pepzol
DIZIREST B6 Ezadoxin-navoproxin
Doloket Orudis100-ketolgin
HEMOSTAT Haemostop
ORAVIT B12 Cobal
KLOZEPAM Amotril—apetryl
Misotac Vagiprost
Prostec Prostate –
TELZIM Dela-tiazem-
VIRAFLU Adamine-amantadine

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التجمع الصيدلى المصرىبيان التجمع الصيدلي حول فرض الحراسة والحلول المتاحة » التجمع الصيدلى المصرى



التجمع الصيدلي المصري

يدعو التجمع الصيدلي كل من السادة اعضاء مجلس النقابة العامة للصيادلة والسادة رافعي القضايا المرفوعة ضدهم والتي نجم عنها فرض الحراسة علي نقابة الصيادلة الي الاتي
 اولا   استقالة كل اعضاء المجلس العام  و اقامة انتخابات كاملة علي 25 مقعد بتذكية جمعية عمومية طارئة
 ثانيا  التنازل عن قضايا الحل والحراسة
لما في هذا من ضمانة لاستقرار النقابة في المستقبلين القريب والبعيد حيث لا يجدي رفع الحراسة وحده نظرا لكم المشاكل المتعلقة بالمجلس الحالي بسبب القضايا العالقة وما من شانه ان ينتج عنه بطلان الانتخابات الحالية وضياع المال والجهد والوقت

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التجمع الصيدلى المصرىتطبيق سكريبتور لادارة العيادات » التجمع الصيدلى المصرى

Labirdo scriptor


 تطبيق ادارة العيادات الطبية من شركة لابيردو

تسجيل سجل المريض والتاريخ المضري له وصور الاشعة والتحاليل وملفات فيديو حتي 50 سنة

نظام محاسبي كامل لادارة حسابات العيادة

قاعدة بيانات متكاملة للادوية المصرية


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Greenland is Melting At the Fastest Rate in 12,000 Years

Greenland has been melting at an alarming rate for the last two decades. In fact, in just a single day, it lost 2 billion tons of ice. Scientists just released a new report to take a look at how this mass melting event compares with history.

The findings are not good.

According to the report, Greenland is currently melting at a rate of 6,000 billion tonnes per century. Taking a look at simulations has uncovered that this melting rate hasn’t been seen in the last 12,000 years.

The closest thing we found was close to 10,000 years ago when the Earth was experiencing a hot phase. So what could possibly be the difference between then and now?


10,000 Years Ago Vs. Now

Around 10,000 years ago, humanity couldn’t impact the environment the way it does today. Instead, the warming event was completely natural and lasted for some time.

Remember, the exact length or date is unknown.

Whereas today, our melting event is tied to greenhouse gas emissions raising the temperature. And it’s not a pretty picture, in fact, it’s as bad as it gets. The current melt rate is on track for the worst-case scenario, without any signs of stopping.

And it’s not just Greenland that is melting, but also Antarctica.

Still Time to Change


Luckily, there is still time to change. If the world can get its emissions curbed by 2050, melting would come under control. Currently, if nothing changes, Greenland will add 4 inches to the sea level, whereas if curbed, only one inch will be added.

While that might not sound severe, it is important to remember that is just Greenland. Antarctica and other ice regions are melting as well. And they are starting to pick up the pace and may begin melting more than Greenland.

One thing is clear, emissions need to be curbed.

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IELTS: Como alcancei a nota sem curso?

Hellooo! Vamos falar de IELTS?! Nesse vídeo a Giovanna fala da sua experiência com a prova de proficiência em inglês chamada IELTS. Quer saber como a …